OCR-D Platforms

In OCR-D, we strive for maximum transparency and communication of our work internally as well as externally. The project is active on various platforms, which are mostly open to the professional public to read and participate.

GitHub – try it out yourself: On GitHub you can find the latest status of our developmental work on the OCR-D framework and the module projects.

Gitter – follow up on our discussions and ask your own questions: We use the chat platform Gitter for short-term and low-threshold communication with each other.

OCR-D TechCall - take part in our technical discussions about OCR-D tools and issues; every second Wednesday, 2 to 3 p.m. https://hackmd.io/OOMgg3ZeSqK4vfKL1wRbwQ?view

OCR(-D) & Co - bring in your own questions and ideas and join our discussions on OCR(-D); every first Friday in a month, 10 to 11 p.m. in a BBB room. Topics for discussion can be suggested any time in this HackMD.

Down here you will find the outcomes of our previous calls, ordered by topics.

Ground Truth Repository – make use of our data: We collect our test and reference data in the Ground Truth Repository. You may use the data for your own training.

Technology Watch - In the Zotero group of OCR-D we collect relevant literature about OCR together with interested parties.
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