ocrd_validators package

Validators for various OCR-D related data structures.

class ocrd_validators.ParameterValidator(ocrd_tool)[source]

Bases: ocrd_validators.json_validator.JsonValidator

JsonValidator validating parametersagains ocrd-tool.json.

validate(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Validate a parameter dict against a parameter schema from an ocrd-tool.json

  • obj (dict) –

  • schema (dict) –

class ocrd_validators.WorkspaceValidator(resolver, mets_url, src_dir=None, skip=None, download=False, page_strictness='strict', page_coordinate_consistency='poly')[source]

Bases: object

Validates an OCR-D/METS workspace against the specs.

static check_file_grp(workspace, input_file_grp=None, output_file_grp=None, report=None)[source]

Return a report on whether input_file_grp is/are in workspace.mets and output_file_grp is/are not. To be run before processing

static validate(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Validates the workspace of a METS URL against the specs

  • resolver (ocrd.Resolver) – Resolver

  • mets_url (string) – URL of the METS file

  • src_dir (string, None) – Directory containing mets file

  • skip (list) – Tests to skip. One or more of ‘mets_unique_identifier’, ‘mets_file_group_names’, ‘mets_files’, ‘pixel_density’, ‘dimension’, ‘url’

  • download (boolean) – Whether to download files


report (ValidationReport) Report on the validity

class ocrd_validators.PageValidator[source]

Bases: object

Validator for OcrdPage <../ocrd_models/ocrd_models.ocrd_page.html>.

static validate(filename=None, ocrd_page=None, ocrd_file=None, page_textequiv_consistency='strict', page_textequiv_strategy='index1', check_baseline=True, check_coords=True)[source]

Validates a PAGE file for consistency by filename, OcrdFile or passing OcrdPage directly.

  • filename (string) – Path to PAGE

  • ocrd_page (OcrdPage) – OcrdPage instance

  • ocrd_file (OcrdFile) – OcrdFile instance wrapping OcrdPage

  • page_textequiv_consistency (string) – ‘strict’, ‘lax’, ‘fix’ or ‘off’

  • page_textequiv_strategy (string) – Currently only ‘index1’

  • check_baseline (bool) – whether Baseline must be fully within TextLine/Coords

  • check_coords (bool) – whether *Region/TextLine/Word/Glyph must each be fully contained within Border/*Region/TextLine/Word, resp.


report (ValidationReport) Report on the validity

class ocrd_validators.OcrdToolValidator(schema, validator_class=<class 'jsonschema.validators.create.<locals>.Validator'>)[source]

Bases: ocrd_validators.json_validator.JsonValidator

JsonValidator validating against the ocrd-tool.json schema.

static validate(obj, schema={'additionalProperties': False, 'description': 'Schema for tools by OCR-D MP', 'properties': {'dockerhub': {'description': 'DockerHub image', 'type': 'string'}, 'git_url': {'description': 'Github/Gitlab URL', 'format': 'url', 'type': 'string'}, 'tools': {'additionalProperties': False, 'patternProperties': {'ocrd-.*': {'additionalProperties': False, 'properties': {'categories': {'description': 'Tools belong to this categories, representing modules within the OCR-D project structure', 'items': {'enum': ['Image preprocessing', 'Layout analysis', 'Text recognition and optimization', 'Model training', 'Long-term preservation', 'Quality assurance'], 'type': 'string'}, 'type': 'array'}, 'description': {'description': 'Concise description what the tool does'}, 'executable': {'description': 'The name of the CLI executable in $PATH', 'type': 'string'}, 'input_file_grp': {'description': 'Input fileGrp@USE this tool expects by default', 'items': {'pattern': '^OCR-D-[A-Z0-9-]+$', 'type': 'string'}, 'type': 'array'}, 'output_file_grp': {'description': 'Output fileGrp@USE this tool produces by default', 'items': {'pattern': '^OCR-D-[A-Z0-9-]+$', 'type': 'string'}, 'type': 'array'}, 'parameters': {'description': 'Object describing the parameters of a tool. Keys are parameter names, values sub-schemas.', 'patternProperties': {'.*': {'additionalProperties': False, 'properties': {'cacheable': {'default': False, 'description': "If parameter is reference to file: Whether the file should be cached, e.g. because it is large and won't change.", 'type': 'boolean'}, 'content-type': {'description': 'If parameter is reference to file: Media type of the file', 'type': 'string'}, 'default': {'description': 'Default value when not provided by the user'}, 'description': {'description': 'Concise description of syntax and semantics of this parameter'}, 'enum': {'description': 'List the allowed values if a fixed list.', 'type': 'array'}, 'format': {'description': 'Subtype, such as `float` for type `number` or `uri` for type `string`.'}, 'required': {'description': 'Whether this parameter is required', 'type': 'boolean'}, 'type': {'description': 'Data type of this parameter', 'enum': ['string', 'number', 'boolean'], 'type': 'string'}}, 'required': ['description', 'type'], 'type': 'object'}}, 'type': 'object'}, 'steps': {'description': 'This tool can be used at these steps in the OCR-D functional model', 'items': {'enum': ['preprocessing/characterization', 'preprocessing/optimization', 'preprocessing/optimization/cropping', 'preprocessing/optimization/deskewing', 'preprocessing/optimization/despeckling', 'preprocessing/optimization/dewarping', 'preprocessing/optimization/binarization', 'preprocessing/optimization/grayscale_normalization', 'recognition/text-recognition', 'recognition/font-identification', 'recognition/post-correction', 'layout/segmentation', 'layout/segmentation/text-nontext', 'layout/segmentation/region', 'layout/segmentation/line', 'layout/segmentation/word', 'layout/segmentation/classification', 'layout/analysis'], 'type': 'string'}, 'sample-calls': {'description': 'Sample calls of the CLI to illustrate typical usage', 'items': {'additionalProperties': False, 'properties': {'call': {'pattern': '^ocrd-', 'type': 'string'}, 'description': {'type': 'string'}}, 'required': ['call', 'description'], 'type': 'object'}, 'type': 'array'}, 'type': 'array'}}, 'required': ['description', 'steps', 'executable', 'categories', 'input_file_grp'], 'type': 'object'}}, 'type': 'object'}, 'version': {'description': 'Version of the tool, expressed as MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.', 'pattern': '^[0-9]+\\.[0-9]+\\.[0-9]+$', 'type': 'string'}}, 'required': ['version', 'git_url', 'tools'], 'type': 'object'})[source]

Validate against ocrd-tool.json schema.

class ocrd_validators.OcrdZipValidator(resolver, path_to_zip)[source]

Bases: object

Validate conformance with BagIt and OCR-D bagit profile.

validate(skip_checksums=False, skip_bag=False, skip_unzip=False, skip_delete=False, processes=2)[source]

Validate an OCRD-ZIP file for profile, bag and workspace conformance

  • skip_bag (boolean) – Whether to skip all checks of manifests and files

  • skip_checksums (boolean) – Whether to omit checksum checks but still check basic BagIt conformance

  • skip_unzip (boolean) – Whether the OCRD-ZIP is unzipped, i.e. a directory

  • skip_delete (boolean) – Whether to skip deleting the unpacked OCRD-ZIP dir after valdiation

  • processes (integer) – Number of processes used for checksum validation

class ocrd_validators.ValidationReport[source]

Bases: object

Container of notices, warnings and errors about a workspace.


Add an error


Add a notice


Add a warning.

property is_valid

Whether the report contains neither errors nor warnings.


Merge another report into this one.


Serialize to XML.